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Basical reasons assisting a dental school

Basic Reasons


Being the most important decision you will ever make to choose a career, we give you some information that will help you to know more about this possible career.

       Flexible lifestyle balancing your professional and personal sides at the same time because you can choose to work in some dental center or, have your own dental practice.

       Working for your own dental practice you will have the opportunity to be your own boss and work your regular hours, even as independent entrepreneur.

       According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average income of a dentist is in the highest 5% of the American families incomes. Furthermore, it is projected to continue growing in the next 20 years and creating need preventive services.

       Working with community leaders and other health professionals the dental professional posses status and prestige being socially conscious and civic-minded professionals.

       As a creator of many opportunities and challenges, dentistry career is growing really fast with rapid changes based on the use of different techniques and procedures.

       Personal satisfaction either by helping people to maintain and improve their quality of life and appearance, or by giving knowledge to future dentists in some valuable research.


Dentists are those who with an excellent professional preparation and cultural knowledge can promote the development of human beings and society. They will have the ability to implement preventive measures aimed at improving oral health in a meaningful way; as same as they will also be able to generate new knowledge to improve oral health in their area of influence. Some of their tasks include:
       First health care providers detecting diseases and illnesses such as some cancer and cardiovascular problems.

       Researching those possible links between oral diseases and health concerns.

       Diagnosis and treatment of those teeth, gums, tongue, jaws, lips, etc. affected or ill by using some current technologies (digital radiography, laser systems, etc.) refined with new materials and techniques in order to correct dental problems.

       Surgical restorations including some trauma surgeries, implants, as same as damaged teeth, gums or any other oral structure that would need a restoration and maintenance.

       Smile appearance improvement of their patients using modern materials and equipment.

       Health education given to their patients and general public explaining how to maintain oral health and prevent disease.

       Scientists of oral diseases, dentists apply their knowledge to create techniques and materials, treat new oral diseases, and to correct new dental problems.


Job prospects for dental health professionals are excellent because it is one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States.

       Dental Assistants averaged $ 15.10/hour.

       Dental Hygienists averaged $ 22.59/hour.

       Seven of ten American dentists are members of the ADA.

       Dental practice areas:

         Dental or public health
         Endodontic (referred to the dental pulp and surrounding tissue)
         Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
         Radiology Oral and Maxillofacial
         Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
         Pediatric Dentistry


As any other career, future dental professionals must take both obligated and elective subjects, giving them the opportunity to explore newer and deeper areas of dentistry, as same as the basis for choosing what study later. Among other subjects are:

       Dental Implantology

       Molars in Endodontics

       Orthodontics and Dentofacial orthopaedics

       Advanced Periodontics

       Maxillofacial Surgery

        Restorative dentistry