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Why a dental school

Dental School

Currently a Dental School leads to a greater emphasis on both the biological basis of oral medicine, and the dental ultidisciplinary research programs; whole this focused on the development, training and promotion of leaders in the oral health, acquiring at the same time, humanistic and social training.

Once you get your degree from a dental school, you will be able to practice your profession with all kind of people including adults, children, urban and rural populations, seniors, and people with disabilities; as same as demonstrate your abilities in multidiscipline fields, such as:

    •  The Public Sector, being part of thousands of medical institutions, health centers, hospitals, health ministries, etc. in any part of the world.

    •  The Private Sector, providing your services in specialized clinics, private hospitals, your own clinic or dental center around the world.

    •  Education and research, teaching your knowledge through the years in subjects related to the career at places you desire; or, you could be developing your own research projects in Higher Education Centers.

However, if you have already decided to continue a dental career or you are still deciding what to do with your life and of course, what you expect of that chosen career… Whatever your case is, here we provide you with many more reasons to choose this career, some duties of work, and statistics you should read before make a final decision.

Become dentistry
 Why become a dentist?
Choose a dental career is the most important decision in your life because it offers benefits for achieving the personal satisfaction in the life.
 Duties of the work
Dentists have an excellent professional preparation, cultural knowledge and the ability to implement preventive measures aimed at improving oral health.
Dental subjects
 Useful stastistics
Job opportunities for professionals dental careers are growing rapidly in the United States, because dental health is an important aspect in people's life.
 Dental subjects
The future professionals in dental careers must take both obligated and elective subjects, this way they can explore new areas of dentistry, and also basic courses.