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dental Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section you can find some of the most frequently asked questions of applicants and Dental Professionals.

     If it was not well in my first years of university, I have the opportunity to enter a dental school?

      If, in his last year to obtain all A and B in your report, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate to the admissions committee that the previous years were abnormal, and be sure to comply with the basic requirements of the school they posited, like have to do well in DAT.

     What is the Admissions Committee?

      This is the committee charged with selecting the best candidates for the admission of those who apply each year. That is, those who are judged to all applicants according to their grades, entrance exam, interviews, among others.
      The high grades and a good score in the DAT us guaranteed acceptance

     How high should my degree for admission in a dental school?

      Unable to determine exactly how high the degree must because depend on the grades earned by the other candidates. The results of the DAT, interviews and references provide information about a candidate and they are studied by the commission of admission.

     What materials for the study suggest DAT?

      If you have the money to Kaplan. Offer good materials.
      Guides (BIO, and ORGANIC CHEM).

     If I have more than 30 years, is it too late to go to dental school?

      Yes, though the average age of students is 20 years, some schools are dental came to accept people older than 40 years.

     How important is (DAT)?

      The score in the Dental Admission Test (DAT) is an important precedent that the admissions committee takes careful account for evaluation, hence the score will be high, averaging 19.1, if we want to enter a school Dental.

     How do I know if I have to retake the DAT?

      If your DAT results are below 16 on the perception abilities or academic tests, you should consider recovering the DAT. This is especially true if science and grade point averages are generally not very high.
      Many students have accepted the DAT at least twice, All results are considered to be within 2 years of application. Therefore, if you go back because their results are low, they have nothing to lose.

     How many years of undergraduate school do I have finished my best chance of acceptance?

      You must complete at least 135 quarter hours (90 semester hours) at an accredited American college or university before it is eligible to enter the Dental School.

      Most students admitted to a dental school after completing a four-year baccalaureate degree. Few accepted after serving 3 years of academic work. This means that many applicants are not accepted every year, so it's best to get the most out of the pre-degree programmes and have more chances of getting acceptance in a dental school

     How important are the interviews?

      Because the admissions committee is interested in the personal qualities of applicants, as well as their grades and ATU, interviews play an important role in the admissions process.
      While it is true that in the interview you can understand some shortcomings, these also provide the applicants with the opportunity to present their personal capacity.

     When will I know if I am accepted or not?

      As soon as a decision on his application, he will make us a letter in which he advised the committee's decision

     How do I find a place to practice dental?

      The best option is entering the site of the ADA, in the classifieds section can find information in population, and segmented by age, gender, specialty among other options. You can also find information in their local society or the state dental.

     How can I manage my student loan repayment?

      Issues Financial Planning Student Dental is a publication that provides basic information on important financial matters relating to loans and debt. The publication includes a worksheet to help calculate personal finances.

     What is accreditation and how important are they?

      Accreditation is the term used to indicate that an institution meets and complies with the standards promulgated by a board of the company.

      A student belonging to an accredited institution enjoys several benefits, among the main we have:

         Security that the institution to which he belongs, is recognized worldwide and that this meets the quality standards.

         Security of titles offered by the institution enjoy benefits that are associated with the high quality of education.
      In the latter we can say that an accredited educational guarantees that their documents will have a global recognition and acceptance.

     Is it possible to apply for two programs at the same time?

      If possible, as there are dental schools that offer packages specially designed to save time and money, this allows earn several degrees on the basis of their work and experience.
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