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How to choose a school

how to Choose a dental school

The process of selecting a dental school is something that requires a lot of reflection. The student will be immersed at least four years beyond obtaining a degree and it is vital to make a good decision.

Aspirants to dentists have to ensure that the possible schools fulfil some clinical requirements, basic clinical focus programs and the obligate future clinical practice place, mostly school has its own clinic.

 Reputation of a school, history and values:

The chosen school must be accredited by The American Dental Association or the national Association, according to the country. Plus, the school has to reveal a good reputation considering the vitality, quality, and the interests of the faculty.

 Admission requirements:

The aspiring to a dental school must seek the admission requirements in schools and make sure that they have met the prerequisites or can be fulfilled before school starts.

 Clinical requirements:

Students must also know the clinical requirements that a school has on its premises. It is important to visit the various schools and observe the respective campus environments.
Does the program have a clinic for the development of practices? Students should ask if the school has its own clinic or agreements with public or private clinics.

 Background students:

Talk with students, graduates, professors and others who may be able to provide a more objective and can determine whether the dental program is competitive or more collaborative and supportive. Students should also ask about the alumni and their professional successes. If a dental professional can join the fraternity is an important factor.

 Clinic, classrooms and laboratories:

Students can also see the classrooms and laboratories to make sure that they are modern and assess whether that environment is comfortable for the preparation period.

 Libraries and facilities:

The accessibility and quality of the library is very important to considerate, aside of the internet help, the dental school installations and resources will be supportive during the whole career.

 Location and cost:

Not less important, according to the economical facilities of the student , they should consider extra factors such as location and total costs.

 Research experience and General Practice experience:

Both are important, mostly because they offer a good over all clinical experience when the school has few speciality programs.

 Proximity to family:

It is very important to have the support of your family and all you love; at least, it improves your education making you do not have to deal with anxiety and school pressures simultaneously.

 Extended students:

A sign of excellence is when schools have lots of students are passing their senior year and graduating on time.

 Board pass rate:

There are also some schools that are taking an active role when they are trying to help their students pass national and state boards.

 State or regional boards:

Many dental schools prepare some regional or state board for their students, find out what are they because according to the state, boards differ.


Currently there are both homogeneous and heterogeneous schools in ethnicity, sex, religion, etc. Be sure to choose the environment you are looking for.


Consider the required units the schools ask for paying attention to the amount of units per year. Typically they are 3 years and 4 years of study.

 City Limits:

Ask yourself about the limits you have until get the campus, be sure if you have to battle some dangerous situation to study and if the cost of living worth it.

 Faculty and environment:

Analysis the entire environment and how you would feel when attending classes, the school, the rest of the students, teachers, faculty, etc.