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Dental instruments

Dental instruments

Dental instruments are tools used by dental professionals in all their dental treatments and interventions.

Under the development of the Dental Science, many devices have been used since immemorial times and now, modernized; becoming more manageable, greater durability, easier cleaning, better edge and improved ergonomic conditions; and being able of examining, handling, removing, and restoring teeth and oral surrounding structures.


      Dental Mirrors: to separate the cheeks permiting to see inside of the oral cavity.
      Dental Probe: exploring the holes, grooves and fissures of tooth surfaces, to locate cavities.
      Periodontal probe: to establish the rule of the periodontium. Millimeter brands instruments of every two milimeters that are used to measure the insertion loss of the tooth.
      Suction tube: to prevent the accumulation of saliva in the mouth (disposable)
      Pliers carrier plates radiography: to perform X-rays.
      Tabs comisurales: same function as mirrors.


      Syringe: Special dock cárcules (metal and plastic)
      Device aspiration: a tab that sticks in a rubber stopper that has the cárcule.
      Needles: long, short and extra short.


      Separator Farabeuf: to remove the cheek, lip or mucoperióstico flap. It allows the visualization of surgical field.
      Knife sheet with the No. 15, (11, 12): to make the incision of soft tissue.
      Periosteal: tool for the section and the periosteum detachment obtaining mucoperiosthic flap.
      Strawberries dental surgery: connect the handpiece. They are used to act on the hard tissues (osteotomy or tooth-sections)
      Elevators: tools used to extract teeth or complete dental roots. They are used as a lever. (Straight and winter)
      Forceps: clamps that are used to make simple tooth extractions. They consist of two parts: one formed by the blades (allow hold the crown of the tooth) and the other arms of the clamp (clamp allow the dentist with a hand instrument)
      Mosquitoes: glass used to hold some bleeding, inflammatory tissue and dental roots.
      Pliers dissection (with or without teeth): serve to ignite the flap at the time of suturing, subject to the dentist with one hand and with the other, pass the needle through the flap.
      Porter needles.
      A clip gubia: Used to remove shrapnel or ridges.


    In these cases is used materials to implement fluoride on the teeth, whether disposable cuvettes (apply fluoride gel) or swabs (in the form of varnish) or with a syringe.
    Disposable brushes are needed to suit against the angle in order to clean the teeth before using sealants. These sealants are applied by disposable brushes.


      Buckets shots for printing: containers adapted to the shape of the dental arches maden in several sizes and different materials.
      Cups and spatulas for alginates and plasters: cups are used for mixing alginate or plaster with water, and perform the post beaten. The spatula is used to make the beat, which at its distal end has a curvature to adapt well to the walls of the cup.
      Cuchilletes and heat sources for managing waxes: to manage and shape the wax dental requires a heat source (hot water, alcohol burner or gas) to liquefy the wax and heat the cuchillete. A cuchillete is an instrument that has two extremes, a sharp (to cut strips of wax) and another shaped spoon (for liquefy excess wax)
      Strawberries of handpiece: to trim prosthesis.
      Hammer rose bridges: is used to remove fixed prostheses. It is an instrument that has a tab to be inserted into the gingival termination of the prosthesis or somewhere under the pontic. Have a rod for a weight that slides up to a ceiling.
      Articulator: device used to play the position and movements of the jaw of the patient.


      Curetas of Gracey: instruments with active parts to remove tartar sub-gingival when conducting scrapings and line-up roots.
      Tips Morse: They help to remove tartar above-gum when not using ultrasounds.
      Osteotrimer: three sharpen made with Arkansas stone.


      Material for isolation:
        Rolls or cylindrical cotton: which are changed when they soak.
        Dikes or rubber: Some plates are disposable rubber which are penetrating some drillers. The rubber once set is placed on top of the tooth to be treated, so that, the dental crown runs through the drilling and remain isolated from the rest.
      Material for cleaning caries:
        Turbine drill for or against angle.
        Dental cucharillas.
      Equipment for the preparation of cements and bases:
        Loseta or glass: mixing of powder and liquid becoming cement which is beaten with a spatula while implementing through plastic instruments or angled pieces, parts of which are formed by active a small spatula.
      Tools for seals
    In amalgam:
        Trimmer enamel.
        Porter matrices.
        Spots wood.
        Vessel Dappen.
        Porter amalgams.
    Or composites:
        Instruments plastics.
        Instruments ball.
        Strawberries polishing.
        Strips polishing.
        Matrices acetate.
        Spots plastic.


      Strawberries from Batt.
      Strawberries of Gattes.
      Limas K.
      Limas Hedstrom.
      Topes rubber for limes.
      Rule to measure the root canal.
      Bits of paper.
      Tips gutta-percha.


      Bands Preformed.