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Dental equipment

There are many dental materials currently available, taking into account their main clinical application. The idea is being procured selection criteria for the different materials according to the clinical evaluation to conduct business.

Usually it is hoped that researchers and educators dedicated to the study of dental materials establishing a criteria selection taking into account the individual characteristics and behavior of materials. In the simplest form possible will be dealt with the various issues with the view of specialists in the field of bio-materials.


    The dental materials represent a special group of materials that are currently called BIO-MATERIALS, whose scope is very wide. This word is relatively new, and many experts in the field exclude traditional dental materials, including only in this classification materials for dental implants and maxillofacial prosthetics. The most important areas that are used biomaterials are:

       Dental restorative materials.
      Ex. Amalgam, composites, alloys for prostheses, porcelain dental cements dental impression materials, among others. The use of gold as a dental material dates back safely to more than 2500 years ago.
       Structural implants.
      Ex. Dental implants, prosthetic joints and maxillofacial.
       Cardiovascular implants.
      Not catheters, heart valves, pumps intra-aortic, cardiac pacemakers, oxygenated blood, and so on. Background to the use of non-biological materials in medicine dating century BC XXX In ancient Egypt.


    During the 60's, the term biocompatibility appearenced to define the degree of tolerance of the material by living matter. At that time, the first works were published which described injuries caused by the presence of an implant.

    An interesting aspect to consider is that a biocompatible material ideally is not one that is inert (non provokes reaction) but induces an appropriate response to the situation and highly beneficial.

    There throughout biomaterial a form of interaction between the material and biological environments in which they are located, similar to what happens to materials in other media, such as the environment, sea water, soil, etc. This material can be affected by the means altering their behaviour and the means by the material.
In the presence of biological materials can trigger local or systemic reactions. The latter, more serious, represented by dermatological problems, rheumatism and nervous partners. They have been described among other deposits loosened particles of metallic implants in the surrounding tissues and organs such as liver or lung, this is very well known in the hip prosthesis that are subject to intense wear.

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 Dental Technologies
Dental technologies make easier dental procedures,and dentists can provide a proper treatment, with Laser dentistry, Intra-Oral Camera and other technologies.
 Dental instruments
Dental instruments are tools used in dental treatments and interventions. For example instruments for endodontics, for orthodontics and others.