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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Attending to dental schools has become extremely expensive. It could be overwhelming keeping up with the rising costs of attending school. Basically, both loans and scholarships are the primary sources of financial aid.


    Undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships give students the opportunity to help them and pay for their education.

       Hopefully, both of them do not have to be repaid; plus, hundreds of thousands of scholarships and fellowships from several thousand sponsors are conferred each year.

       They are awarded to students with special qualifications including either academic, athletic or artistic talent. Scholarships are also offered to members of underrepresented groups and people who demonstrate financial need.


    On the other hand, an Education Loan is a form of financial aid that must be paid back, but with interest.

       There are three major categories in Education Loans: Student loans, Parent loans and Alternative student loans.

       The education debt of dental students is daunting and continues to grow. Over 93% of dental students graduate with debt, being the average $162,155.

       According to the dental school, public or private, the debt could vary. Public school debt levels are $137,792, while private schools are $196,636.

       Nearly 75% of graduates have a debt of over $100,000. Although scholarships and grants are sometimes available, the main source of financial support are still loans.

       Receiving a loan means the assumption of a serious financial commitment, in which it is really important to determine how you can manage your educational debt.


    In addition to loans and scholarships, other types of aid are available for students:

       Free Scholarship Lotteries
       Federal and State Government Aid
       College-Controlled Aid
       Student Profile-Based Aid
       Aid for Graduate and Professional School
       Aid for Elementary and Secondary School
       Aid for Specific Activities
       Innovative Programs
When borrowing money, the best advice is generally borrow the absolute minimum that you need. There is a bunch of financial institutions, and most of them make confident loans. Remember,

The more you borrow today, the more your future earnings will be needed to repay the loan!!!

ADA Application Scholarship
 ADA Application Scholarship
The ADA Foundation has a scholarship program with the objective to provide financial assistance to students of dental hygiene and dental hygienists who demonstrate a greater commitment in this specialties.