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DAT Scores


Since the test is divided into six categories including math, scientific reading comprehension, visual perception, organic chemistry, chemistry and basic biology; each one is scored from 1 to 30 points, being 1 the lowest, 15 the average and 30 the highest.

In general, 18 points is the average score for applicants and they should be admitted by the school when plus enclosing good grades and a good interview. Even sometimes, there are other dental schools that have accepted applicants who have scored as low as 15; as same as, there are schools that have denied applicants who have scored 21.

Every test results one score, so that the sum them divided by five yields is the average score. Because the DAT scores are reported only in intervals of 1 point, the final score must be rounded either up or down. For example, if the average is 15.6 then the score would be 16; but if the average is 15.4, then the score would be 15.


Score Calculator


       From 21 to more:
    • Excellent score.
    • Congratulations, be prepared to be admitted in somewhere.
       From 19 to 20:
    • Good score.
    • Great, be prepared to be admitted by a middle tier and lower tier schools
       Average 18:
    • Ok score.
    • Not too bad, be prepared for taking chances.
       From 17 to minus:
    • Bad score.
    • Sorry, be prepared for taking the test again, especially if you do not have a high GPA.


       The scores quality is based on two characteristics:
    • Reliability refers to the degree to which test scores are consistent across administrations of the test.
    • Validity refers to the extent to which the test measures what it purports to measure.

       Once finished the test, an unofficial score report is provided directly to the examinee at the Prometric Test Center including both standard scores and percentile equivalents.

       The unofficial report is subject to review and audit for accuracy before official reporting of scores.

       Official scores will be available to the dental schools approximately three to four weeks after the test; and they will be automatically forwarded to the pre-dental advisor.

       When an examinee repeats the tests, the last four results of the attempts will be released, too.

       Scores will be transmitted to the dental schools requested on the DAT application even though the examinee has not yet completed filing admission applications.

       Additional requests are subject to delay and additional expense. Once made a request, no changes will be allowed.

       Scores will not be released without specific written authorization by the examinee specifying social security number, social insurance number, and assigned number, date when the test was taken, and include the appropriate fee.