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Rules & Procedures

Rules & Procedures

As any other program, the DAT is established by rules that govern the administration in order to ensure that non examinee receives unfair advantage on the test.

Any conduct occurring before, during or after testing that violates these principles or testing Rules and Regulations may cause the invalidation of test results and/or other penalties.


       The person who has registered for the test must be presented with valid identification.

       Do not take the test for someone else, or any other purpose than gaining admission to a dental education program.

       Any action of giving, receiving, or obtaining unauthorized assistance before or during the test or break periods.

       Maintain the confidentiality of the test not trying to reproduce or attempt to reproduce test materials through memorization, recording, or other means.

       Do not provide information relating to test content that may provide unfair advantage to other examinees.

       Do not bring any unauthorized materials to the test center, or into the secure testing area.
       Do not remove materials in any form (written, printed, recorded, or other) from the test center.

       Follow the instructions exactly as indicate the test administrator, not creating a disturbance in the testing center.


       Bring two original, current forms of identification. One the government issued ID with photo and signature. The other can be a debit card, a library card, a credit card, etc.

       The name on the ID must match exactly with the name on the DAT application file.

       Each examinee will be recorded via both fingerprint and photo, by the Prometric Test Center.

       Bring the Social Security Number, or Social Insurance Number when presenting for the test.

       There is the opportunity to become familiar by taking a brief tutorial before beginning the actual test.

       The test center will provide two erasable note boards, two low-odour fine tip dry erase markers, and an eraser to use during the test. All items must be returned to the test administrator before leaving the Prometric Test Center.

       During the test, the examinees will be observed by test center staff, as well as video recording.

       Test center staff is not authorized to answer questions regarding test content, test software, or scoring.

       No personal or miscellaneous items are permitted in the secure testing area.
       Cellular telephones are not allowed anywhere in the test center, and may not be used on an unscheduled break.

       Test administrator and proctors are responsible for the operations according to established procedures.

       Concerns about testing conditions or any unresolved problems should be record in the post-test survey and notified to the test administrator before leaving the center.

       For further action, contact the DAT Program within five business days of the testing appointment.