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Requirements & Accomodation

Requirements & Accomodation

Once the application process has started you will have to confirm you have read the DAT Guide and agree the rules and regulations contained within the document. It is your responsibility to understand the whole complete information.

Here we provide you with a resume with the most important parts you have to read and over read if that would be necessary. Remember also:

" Examinees that violate test rules or regulations may have their test scores voided and have to wait up to two years to retest."


       Complete, at least, one year of collegiate education including courses in biology, and general and organic chemistry.

       Advanced level biology and physics are not required.

       Scores are developed in relation to all examinees participating in the test.

       Most applicants complete two or more years of college before taking the test.

       Applicants to Canadian dental schools should discuss the acceptance of the DAT by those schools prior to registering for the test.

       Examinees who have attended three or more tests must apply for special permission to retest.

       Requests for additional testing must be submitted in writing to the Department of Testing Services (DTS).

       Requests must include acceptable evidence of current (within the previous 18 months) intent to apply to dental school. At least one of the following:

         Copy of a completed and submitted application to dental school.
         A letter of rejection from a dental school.
         A letter from a dental school admissions officer encouraging you to retest or reapply.
         A letter on school stationary from a college/university health profession advisor/instructor verifying that you are applying/reapplying to dental school.

       Upon approval, you will be permitted to retake the DAT once per 12-month period.

       Submit a new application and fee for each retest.

       At least, must wait 90 days to retake the DAT.

       Once submitted and received a notification of eligibility for retesting, you may call the Prometric Contact Center at 800.688.5804 to schedule a retest appointment at least 90 days from your last attempt.

       Partial tests are not permitted.

       Examinees unable to complete the test must submit a new application and fee before participating in any subsequent testing.


       Provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities who demonstrate a need for accommodation.

       Other problems such as English, slow reading, failure to achieve a desired outcome are not learning disabilities.

       Applicants must request testing accommodations with each application, but will not be required to submit additional documentation.

       To verify the disability and its severity, the DTS requires:

         You notify it to the DAT Program at the time you submit your DAT application and prior to scheduling a testing appointment.
         Submit the Testing Accommodation Request Form, signed, and dated, disability description and the need for accommodations.
         Submit a current evaluation report (within the past five years) from the appropriate licensed professional including the professional's credentials, address, and telephone number; and the examinee's name, date of birth, and date of evaluation.
         It should also include the specific diagnostic procedures, the results of the diagnostic, the specific diagnosis of the disability, the recommendations for the specific accommodations.
         Submit documentation of any previous accommodations provided by educational institutions or other testing agencies.