Letter of Recommendation

Dental Letter of Recommendation

It is given by your school, similar to a letter of evaluation, is required for dental schools when applying. If your school has some pre-dental committee, the dental school would require you to obtain your letter of recommendation from that committee. Otherwise, you will require obtaining individual letters of recommendations.

However, you could also include some non-faculty recommendations from inside and/or outside the campus personal such as deans, coaches, chaplains, work supervisors, and research or volunteer supervisors. They can also write very useful letters.


    According to the school you have studied, the committee could vary. Most schools will produce a composite evaluation letter and it is composed with two science professors, one non-science professor, and the Health Professions Advisor.

    Since the faculty members are chosen by you, they should be chosen carefully, do not let pass the opportunity to get to know you better.
       Recommendations from science faculty are the most important.

       Have at least two recommendations from science professors of different basic areas, whatever your major is.

       If already have upper division or graduate courses, the recommendation of those courses would be suitable.

       Recommendations from some non-science professor, who has supervised you during a useful research and/or experience.

       Identify those individuals who can write an accurate and reflective letter of evaluation.


       You must contact with those professors who are reflective and well knowing, requesting their participation.

       It is your responsibility to schedule an interview and reserve a room.
       At the same time, once you applied for the dental school, the committee will interview you to discuss the content of the letter, nearly during the spring.

       You will have to sign a discharge of rights to have your file closed, which means you will not be able to read the letter of evaluation.

       Professional schools request all closed files, but you have a legal right to have an open file.

       Once you choose an open file, you must indicate it so on the letter of recommendation sent from the college.

       Inform any faculty member you retain the right to read the letter and ask him/her to sign the open letter.

       Take whole this process seriously, as same as the Dental and Medical committee recommendations.


       Motivation and commitment.

       Genuineness, maturity, resourcefulness and personal development.

       Ability to deal with life and trouble situations .

       Performance, emotional and mood stability under pressure.

       Communication, interpersonal relations, cooperation and get along with others.

       Tact, sensitivity, empathy, and consideration.

       Common sense, judgment, analysis, and decision.

       Responsibility, reliability, conscientiousness and promptness.

       Patience, perseverance, and endurance .

       Capacity and self-confidence with strengths and weaknesses.