Interview Types

Interviews types


    In this type of interview you will be involved getting together with other applicants, and maybe with one or more interviewers, including potential professors and school directors; all together in one room.
       Show you are a team player.
       Show initiative; do not wait till others invite you to be part of the group.

       Answer the questions using your own comments.

       Try to not appear as too serious or too playful.

       Use your own ways to attract others into your conversational group.

       Smile and stay neutral.


    In these types of interviews, the interviewer has never seen your application folder; he/she will only make some notes according to your answers.
       Feel confident and accurate answering exactly what is asked.

       Be truthful trying to not give too much information.

       Allow your interviewer to control and direct the speed of the interview.

       Pay attention, once the interviewer time finished, you will have time to make your own questions.

       Look positive, stay calm and appear relaxed.


    The interviewer has already reviewed your personal statement but nothing else. In this type of interviews, the central fact goes around on what you have put in your personal statement related to your wishes for becoming a dentistry professional.
       Answer the question as much descriptive as you can.

       Find out what information the interviewer wants to know exactly.

       Ask for being more specific if you do not understand something.

       Use also emotional answers explaining your answers and opinions about the topic.

       Think carefully about your answers before responding.

       Take the enough time to construct your answers using pauses between your explanations.


    In this type of interview, the interviewers have complete access to your application, including your personal statement, GPA and DAT scores. Typically, these interviews start with some particular section of your application.
       Control your time answering the questions and make possibly the direction of the next questions.

       Include in your answers more than facts.

       Use examples and reasons to clarify your answers.

       Ensure your interviewers have not doubts about anything,

       Demonstrate your personality by making questions.

       Show your strengths and accomplishments with your answers.