Dental Interview Questions

Dental Interview Questions

You are at one step to get admitted by a dental school. Some interviews are a piece of cake, but some do not. The best is to be prepared to feel that your interview goes smoothly.

We provide with you both some general and some specific questions that interviewers ask when interviewing students applying to a dental school. Review these questions and make sure you have an honest answer to them!!!



       most and least favourite class

       feelings in 30 years with the same career

       how and when your interest in dentistry began

       volunteer experience

       most difficult situation challenge until now

       dental experience


       community service

       extracurricular activities

       research experience

       strengths and weakness

       yourself in three words

       purpose in life

       five countries and capitols in Europe



       not a medical school?

       our dental school?

       you would fit with our school?

       do you feel a competitive student?


       bring to our school?

       do if you were not accepted?

       like to do when finished the school? specialize?

       do to show you have manual dexterity?

       do if you were accepted in more than one school?

       like to ask if you were me?

       have that differentiate you from the other applicants?

       do if your best friend wanted to copy your assignment?

       do if not existed dentistry?

       do if you are not accepted this year?


       have that makes you unique?

       think the people who wrote your letters of recommendation described you?

       like about dentistry and what not?

       admire the most? or Who?

       think about when you are alone?

       think means affirmative action?

       consider when choosing schools to apply to?

       do to be prepared for the DAT?

       consider are the strengths and weaknesses of our school?