Interview Preparation

Dental Interview Types

Like in any other interview situation, you should be prepared to give such a good pitch in which must be demonstrated your abilities and reasons of why you have chosen to go the dental school.

Once the interviewers know about your grades, GPA and DAT scores, they will also want to know about what type of contribution you will bring to the dental school. You could start your interview preparation by asking some dentists in your area about their careers and what they do like.


       Start with a positive attitude showing people involved the utmost respect.

       Gather all the important information about the school looking at the Student Doctor Network, its website, brochures, and of course, the ASDA Handbook and Official Guide.

       Examine all the questions you have from both the specific school and some other similar schools.

       Think over how you might answers to whole the questions and how you would deal with the more difficult ones.

       Pay attention to your Application Materials, interviewers always will likely ask you about them.

       Be prepared for the interviewer(s) writing down some important and interesting questions for them.


       Be polite and arrive early

       Wear a suit or other professional attire

       Do not create detractions with any other person or profession, it is considered very unprofessional.

       Remember if you would be accepted, the interviewer could be your future teacher at faculty or administrator that will have to deal with you, and vice-versa.

       Smile, maintain a good posture and keep eye contact.

       Feel confident being very friendly with everyone.

       Be yourself and one hundred percent honest.

       Do not be modest; just show your strengths off.

       Do not say anything negative about yourself even if they ask you specifically.

       Ensure yourself and other that this is the right dental school for you.

       Demonstrate your enthusiasm and desire to learn in order to grow as a professional dentistry.

       Thank them for inviting you for an interview.


       Ensure you had written down correctly the names of your interviewers.

       Write a sincere thank you card.

       Obtain business cards if it is possible and send them the next day after the interview.

       Check frequently if you are waitlisted.
       Maintain sending updated information about your achievements if you are in the wait list.

       Do not get panic and convince yourself you will be accepted in the school; some students are accepted into dental school the day before the first term begins.

       Never jump the gun and stay positive; you do not know if the circumstances may change.