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Dental Application Time

Application Time

SEPT - FEB Get acquainted by making an appointment with your dental advisor.
Start your preparation for the DAT.
Open a letter file.
MAR - APR Ask for your letters of recommendation
Take DAT
According to the school, some could use the highest scores and some others the most recent ones.
Buy an AADSAS application request card from the testing center.
Contact AADS.
MAY - JUNE Make an appointment with your dental advisor.
Use your scores and write your personal statement down
Make a list of possible schools you would like to go.
Write to dental schools not participating in AADSAS to obtain applications.
JULY - SEPT Start your file applications.
Each applicated school will mail the transcriptions to AADSAS including your application and Spring work.
Mail other information directly to AADSAS schools only as directed in instruction booklet of AADSAS application.
SEPT - MAR Time for interviews conducted by the schools themselves.
Be prepare for the interviews.
SEPT - OCT Check your letters of recommendation if are recently included on the file.
Gather supplementary information and interviews for the next spring.
NOV - DEC Ensure the schools have received the requested information by sending postcards.