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Dental Education

Dental Education

Now that you have the decision, it is time for thinking about the possibilities you have one start your Dental Education in various ways, becoming more common with dental professionals and learning more about new methods and techniques. Plus, those who already have some degree can now check in how to continue with their education.

The graduate from a dental school will be able to exercise their profession with adults, children, seniors, people with disabilities, urban and rural populations, with interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral groups:

     Public Sector:

    Integrating to the plant's medical institutions such as health centers, Ministry of Health, among others.

     Private Sector:

    To provide its services in specialized clinics, private hospitals or by setting up their own practice.

     Education and research:

    As a teacher in subjects related to the career, or develop their own research projects in Higher Education Centers.
The graduated Surgeon Dentist will be a person with excellent both professional preparation and cultural development, skilled enought to promote the development of human beings and society.

The professional dentist will have the ability to implement preventive measures aimed at improving oral health in a meaningful way. It will also be able to generate new knowledge to improve oral health in their area of influence.

The elective subjects offer to students the opportunity to study specific subject areas of dentistry, giving them the basis for choosing some graduate program, later. Among other subjects are:
       Dental Implantology (placement in the jaw implant titanium).
       Molars in Endodontics (root canal treatment).
       Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics (bad dental occlusion).
       Advanced periodontics (gum disease).
       Maxillofacial Surgery (surgical procedures).
       Restorative dentistry (reconstruction of the teeth).

School admissions
Dental Admission Test
 School Requirements
The main requirements for dental schools are grades and academic programs, this way applicants can achieve to enter to the school.
 School Admissions
The proccess of admission can change in every school, but The Dental Admission Test is a standardized test in every school.
 Dental Admission Test
This test measures the academic ability, comprehension of scientific information and perceptual ability of dental applicants.
Dental school programs
Dental school rankings
Financial aid
 Dental School Programs
The programs are focused in preparing students with abilities to diagnose, treat and prevent kind of problems related to teeth.
 Dental School Ranking
The school ranking provides a view of leaders schools in dental education, this way people can choose the right school.
 Financial Aid
The loans and scholarships are the primary sources of financial aid for students who do not have the necessary resources for pursuing a dental career.