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Marquette University (School of Dentistry)

Marquette University School Dentistry began as the Dental Department of the Milwaukee Medical College (MMC) on September 26, 1894. On that day there were 9 faculty for the 30 entering freshman students. The dental clinic consisted of 16 chairs and a technique laboratory.

Every step you take in our four-year program will be guided by faculty and practicing professionals who uphold Marquette's vision: to train highly skilled oral health care practitioners to bring top quality dental care to urban and rural communities across the country and around the world.

Our beautiful 120,000-square-foot dental school and clinic - Wisconsin's only - offers the most advanced clinical resources and instructional technology available, supporting a dramatically different, one-of-a kind curriculum developed by our faculty to better prepare students for dental practice and patient care.

School of Dentistry Mission Statement

The School of Dentistry is committed to excellence in education, scholarship and the provision of high quality oral health care. Consistent with Marquette University traditions and values, the school recruits and educates a diverse student body, fosters personal and professional excellence and promotes leadership expressed in service to others.

How are We different than Other Dental Schools? The Focus is placed on your Education

What makes us different from other dental programs? For starters, you'll learn and practice in a patient-centered environment that resembles the real world of dentistry, one that will help you understand the link between oral and physical health.

That translates into an incredibly unique, dynamic educational experience:

  • You'll attend fewer traditional lectures because more of your time will be spent working with patients.

  • You'll participate in university outreach programs at urban, rural and special-patient clinics, getting firsthand experience in public health. You'll begin refining hand skills your first year.

  • You'll also be immersed in a rigorous learning model that combines training in advanced dental practices with access to faculty experts committed to advancing dental knowledge through their own innovative research.

School name:Marquette UniversitySchool of Dentistry
Address:1801 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Zip & city:53201-1881 Wisconsin
Phone:(414) 288-3532

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