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Howard University (College of Dentistry)

Howard was established by a charter in 1867, and much of its early funding came from endowment, private benefaction, and tuition. An annual congressional appropriation administered by the Secretary of the Interior funded the school. Today, it is a member school of the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and is partially funded by the US Government, which gives approximately $235 million annually.The college was named after General Oliver O. Howard who was commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau and the college's third president. From its outset, it was nonsectarian and open to people of both sexes and all races. Howard has graduate schools of law, medicine, dentistry and divinity, in addition to the undergraduate program. The current enrollment is approximately 11,000, including 7,000 undergraduates. The university's football homecoming activities serve as one of the premier annual events in Washington.

College of Dentistry

The College of Dentistry has provided quality patient care since its inception in 1881. It has trained thousands of highly skilled dental professionals to care for the underserved and has established numerous community programs that focus on the homeless, HIV/AIDS patients, and children.

The College provides consultative and educational services to the National Minority AIDS Education Center and the National AIDS Minority Information and Education program. Additionally, it offers preventive and restorative procedures to school-aged children through its Gage-Eckington Dental and Dental Hygiene programs.

Over the next four years, the College of Dentistry will:

  1. Develop a rotational schedule wherein senior students care for underserved patients for 60 workdays in community clinics and practices.

  2. Recruit faculty from community dentists, following normal college appointment, promotion, and tenure protocols.

  3. Develop partnerships with new community clinical sites that target underserved populations.

  4. Modify the core curriculum to include courses in cultural competency, community dentistry, social sciences, and social empowerment of the underserved.

  5. Develop an innovative social work educational/training program that will sensitize dental students to the social and cultural context of poverty.

  6. Continue behavioral and public health courses that prepare pre- and post-doctoral students for community experiences.

  7. Communicate with college career counselors about the health professions. Initiate contact with college students who may have not considered dentistry as a career and bring them to the College for a two-week summer internship.

  8. Organize a pre-dental club at Howard University and ask local dental societies, dentists, and alumni to develop programs for the club.

  9. Host workshops and open house tours of the College for inner city high school and middle school couselors and students.


Howard is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (MSACS) to award the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

School name:Howard UniversityCollege of Dentistry
Address:600 W Street, N.W. Room 5D-6
Zip & city:20059 Georgia
Phone:(202) 806-0440

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