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American Dental Education Association

ADEA is the leading national organization for dental education. Our members include all U.S. and Canadian dental schools, advanced dental education programs, hospital dental education programs, allied dental education programs, corporations, faculty, and students.


The mission of the American Dental Education Association is to lead individuals and institutions of the dental education community to address contemporary issues influencing education, research, and the delivery of oral health care for the improvement of the health of the public.

To advance its leadership role in dental education, ADEA will pursue the following four strategic goals over the next three years.

Goal One: Preparing Institutions for the Future

The entire dental education community is experiencing a period of significant change. Changing demographics, the impact of globalization, the financial challenges to sustaining the traditional model of dental education and the explosion of knowledge and new technologies require us to rethink both what we teach and how we teach our students.

  • ADEA prepares its members to adapt to the changes in the professional environment that are affecting their collective work.

  • ADEA promotes the importance of research as the foundation of our profession. The generation, translation, and utilization of research are critical to advancing our profession and to developing the critical thinking skills needed for long-term professional success.

  • ADEA supports its members in creating, sharing, and implementing new curricular models to effectively prepare students and the educational models needed to efficiently deliver these new curricula.

  • ADEA advocates for changes in the pathway to licensure that result in a more ethical and relevant examination process and that provide increased professional mobility of our graduates.

  • ADEA investigates, disseminates, and advocates for best practices in financing dental education so that institutions are better able to invest in the people, technology, and infrastructure needed to provide a high quality educational experience.

Goal Two: Generating the Workforce for the Future

Collectively, the dental education community must prepare the appropriate composition and distribution of educated professionals who are prepared to effectively meet the oral health needs of a diverse population.

  • ADEA works with the leadership of the dental education community and with admission committees at member schools and programs to promote best practices in generating a diverse workforce that reflects the demographics of the population.

  • ADEA promotes best practices in incorporating culturally competent concepts into the curriculum and advocates for adoption of these concepts by member schools and programs.

  • ADEA investigates, disseminates, and advocates for best practices in faculty recruitment, development, recognition, and compensation to ensure a high quality workforce that is fairly rewarded and remunerated.

  • ADEA analyzes and makes recommendations about curricula that prepare practitioners, leaders, and faculty in critica thinking and lifelong learning.

  • ADEA supports efforts to develop curricula for newly created workforce positions as these new workforce models are adopted by the states.

  • ADEA investigates, disseminates, and advocates for best practices in addressing the high cost of dental education so that interested and qualified students are not deterred from entering the profession, so that graduates are not faced with unmanageable debt, and so that entering academia is a financially viable option for those interested in teaching as a career.

Goal Three: Developing Leaders for the Future

The future of dental education is dependent upon having well qualified individuals in leadership positions at all levels within member institutions and within our Association. ADEA defines “leaders” broadly to include the faculty, students, staff, and administrators within dental education institutions and corporate members, as well as the individual volunteers who are active in the Association’s governance structure.

  • ADEA informs members of critical issues and trends in dental education to advance knowledge, promote understanding, and engage members in addressing these issues.

  • ADEA prepares a new cadre of leaders for our profession through the Leadership Institute, fellowships, and other leadership development opportunities.

  • ADEA prepares leaders to serve as ambassadors for ADEA’s mission and strategic goals within their home institutions, corporations, and other professional associations.

Goal Four: Delivering value to Members

As the association representing the entire dental education community, ADEA works to support its Institutional Members and the individuals they serve in advancing their missions and work. ADEA is committed to providing outstanding value to members and strives to consistently deliver high quality service to members, constituents, and customers.

  • ADEA provides opportunities for the dental education community to come together to network, learn from each other, and explore the critical issues facing our profession.

  • ADEA is the pipeline to dental education for those looking to enter the dental professions, and a pathway to professional development opportunities, career advancement, and recognition for dental educators.

  • ADEA is the source of knowledge needed by members to support them in their work as educators. Through ADEA’s communications, research, publications, knowledge repository, and programming, the Association provides members with the access to the information they need to be effective in their roles.

  • ADEA is the voice of the dental education community, representing dental education on Capitol Hill and within the dental, health profession, and higher education communities. ADEA advocates for policies that will improve the oral health of the nation and ensure that dental education and research are well represented and have access to resources.

School name:American Dental Education Association
Address:1400 K Street, NW, Suite 1100
Zip & city:20005 Georgia
Phone:(202) 289-7201

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