Dental Laboratory Technician

Dental laboratory technician

The Dental Laboratory Technicians carry out many tasks such as building and repairing appliances including dental crowns, bridges, dentures, etc. using a variety of hand tools.


    Tasks may include the mixture of ingredients, filling mold dental device, sculpture and creation of forms, bending and welding wires; as same as grinding, polishing and finishing work. All the work is done by following the instructions written by the dentist and the use of models and impressions of teeth or mouths of patients.


    In some laboratories, The Dental Laboratory Technicians are workers who bear full responsibility for studying the requirements, planning, designing, constructing, repairing, refurbishing and/or adjusting the braces. Such as:

       Technical prosthesis design and construction of complete or partial dentures.
       Ceramists, technical specialists to work ceramic who plan and build jacket porcelain crowns, bridges, inlays, and repairing the porcelain teeth.
       Specialized metal: they design and manufacture of frames and pins, and the review and repair of metals.
       Technical orthodontic: they design, construction, and modification of orthodontic appliances, such as gangs, retainers, positioners.


    Any of these highly skilled technicians can be assigned to the most difficult tasks, or they may be employees of the operations of assembly line requiring more limited knowledge.
    Dental hygienist The dental laboratories vary in size enterprises. The work takes place in clean, well-lit, and with air conditioning enviroments. The Dental Laboratory Technicians do not perform hard work, on the other hand, it is usually performed while seated.


    Technicians often have their own laboratories, which are equipped with Bunsen burners, grinding and polishing machines, and various hand tools. The proximity to sharp instruments and high-speed equipment for grinding and polishing can create danger.


    The dental laboratory technicians can receive their education and training through a two-year program at a community college, vocational school, technical school, college or dental school. Graduates of these programs receive an associate degree or a certificate. There are also some programs that offer a four-year baccalaureate program in dental technology.

    The requirements for this occupation include eye and hand coordination, finger dexterity, attention to detail, mechanical aptitude and spatial understanding, good vision and the perception of colour, and the ability to follow the specifications. Patience, reliability, capacity and art are also desirable features. Speed in meeting the deadlines and quality of work are both important to the success of a Dental Laboratory Technician. Thus, many employers use practical tests or trial periods prior to the time of recruitment. Some seek technicians certified by the National Board for Certification in Dental Technology (NBC), are those who passed it by obtaining the written and practical examinations.

    The usual way to learn is through the informal work on the job training; looking for at least three years of training and experience to become an expert Dental Laboratory Technician.


    The estimated number of workers in 1990, was 6560 employees and the estimated number of workers in 2005 was 6700 with a projected employment growth of 2%.
    The qualified technicians are hard to find. Specialists and highly skilled technicians fit well able to handle all phases of work for small laboratories demand. However, new advances in technology may require less need for technicians.

    Dental hygienist The salaries of Laboratory Technicians Dental vary according to the experience, skill, expertise, and geographic location. The average salary of a technician is usually between $ 7.50 and $ 16.25 per hour. Experts in the fields generally earn between $10.00 to $20.00 per hour. Graduates of a two-year program with no experience can receive between $5.00 and $8.00 per hour or more. Sometimes, overtime is necessary.