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Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA)

Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA)

Everyone benefits from the American Dental Association, the Commission on Dental Accreditation stamp of approval. The concept of dental school in relation to the accreditation has been since early 1900 and this branch of the ADA now inspects efforts at the national level with the appreciation of the USA Department of Education.


CODA's mission is to protect the public interest by establishing, implementing and maintaining standards that will help the quality and improvement in dental education and dental care.

The purpose of these standards is to reflect the evolution of each field of dentistry to help ensure that the institutions of learning are at the height of the progress of time and maintain the quality of educational programs.

It is a peer review mechanism which includes the participation of members of the discipline, the broad education community, entrepreneurs, professionals, community dental licensing and members of the public. All these groups are involved in a process designed to ensure the quality of education.


Among the activities of this Committee, the development and adoption of standards for accreditation of the programmes to be evaluated, the establishment of policies and procedures to carry out the accreditation program; identifying and publicizing accreditation program, and the designation of the consultants and visitors to the site to assist in the activities of accreditation.

CODA Committee of the Board reviews and evaluates applications for accreditation and grants only after a rigorous process has been followed.

The accreditation process is not mandatory, but since CODA is overseen by the American Dental Association, is considered vital to dental programs and other educational courses related to health working in the dental field to get this designation. The Commission generally meets twice a year.