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Oral health and snuff

Oral health and snuff

It's more than proven that excessive consumption of snuff affects negatively all periodontal treatments.

Actually, around 14 thousand people die for this reason. It is cause of 17% of deaths from cardiovascular disease, respiratory and various types of cancer; plus, 11% of infant mortality because of low birth weight in smoking mothers, among other ill effects including fall teeth!

Numerous studies around the world have shown that smoking contributes directly in the development of periodontal diseases (gum), and that they would be of greater severity compared to non-smokers.

It has been also determined that smoking alters the immune response against infections, lessens the ability to repair tissues of the mouth and retards wound healing, so the dentist can even anti-indicate a particular treatment, such as titanium implants, for example, where it was found, after 5 years of observation after surgery, that smokers have 2 times more likely to lose their teeth on patients non-smokers.

According to experts, the risk of a failure in the placement of implants in smokers increases by 35%, risking a bad treatment of these individuals. In addition, today may even be legally dangerous if the dentist did not previously talked with the patient about their possibilities; now the patient must know the risks and complications that could imply the practice to be realized.

A recent study examined the effect of quitting in a group of patients who were to undergo non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease. The researchers reported that patients who had stopped smoking saw an improvement in the depth sounding of the periodontal pockets, when compared with patients who had not stopped smoking.

The use of snuff is addictive, but every year more people stop smoking. The benefits achieved are huge and include reducing the chances of developing cancer or some cardiovascular disease. Remember;

¡¡¡ Healthy gums are the foundation to keep your teeth for the rest of your life!!!