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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

The Cosmetic dentistry is one of the various branches of dentistry. This is responsible for dealing with all those changes, dimorphism and pathologies of the dental morphology to achieve a level of beauty that is consistent with the current standards of appearance.

In a world where appearances are those who rule, esthetic dentistry is one of the most comforting alternatives today. But it is aesthetics? According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy is as follows:

"Science that deals with the beauty and fundamental and philosophical theory of art"

The beauty and as you see, are issues that are daily at the thought of the whole world that look in a mirror. At present, a beautiful smile is synonymous with good health and a full welfare. It has greatly increased the number of patients who not only want a healthy oral hygiene, but also a beautiful smile.

The esthetic in the dentistry is a constant concern for both, patients and dentists. Any change in appearance can cause psychological impact that can go from a hiding default to a high degree of introversion. So at present, several treatments are used with high-tech and quality standards in order to achieve harmony and beauty. So today we find ourselves with senior challenges in a highly competitive society, a consistent appearance may mean what separates us from the success and failure, both personal and professional.


We provide you some of them, but there are an infinite number of techniques currently used in esthetic dentistry. These techniques have had to evolve in order to meet current demands of the population.
      Teeth whitenin
      Porcelain veneers
      Crowns porcelain
Technology has greatly facilitated the use of these various techniques, because you could make a teeth whitening up to a full replacement of all teeth using implant techniques.